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Monthly Archive: December 2014

Advantages of Using Custom Wooden Shutters


There are many good reasons why you should seriously consider using exterior wooden shutters in your home. First, these shutters surely can add a traditional or classic look to your home. As you already know, wood is a durable and has high insulation properties. It does not absorb cold or heat, thereby by protecting your home interior with the harsh climate prevailing outside your home. Shutters can serve two purposes – practical and aesthetic. The open and close shutters, also called as operable shutters can be used to ventilate your home or block the external weather. On the other hand, non-operable shutter is simply used to decorate the home.

When choosing wood shutters, it is always better to choose the ones that are constructed using high quality wood such as mahogany or cedar. Such wood provide lots of benefits to the users. They do not crack or break or swell under tough weather conditions, thus ensuring a highly durable use. Using high quality wood shutters also minimize the chance of leaking problems; therefore, you will save the utility cost in a long run.

The climate, whether it is extreme cold or scorching sun, can affect the interior of your home. For example, the lifetime of your furniture could decrease due to sun damage. When you have an operable wood shutters, you can protect your home interior from the weather. Shutters can prevent the cold air coming inside your home and can also protect the windows from hurricanes. Wood shutters can be a great option for people, who are living in coastal areas.

When buying top-grade wood shutters, you need to check whether it has CLEAR, 2FAS or FAS qualifications. Some of the top grade wood are cedar, oak, teak and poplar. You should keep in mind that each type of wood has its own qualities and benefits. For example, Spanish Cedar is highly rot resistance and can keep of the insects, fungus and termites. Exterior wood shutters come in variety of styles such as vintage, classic, contemporary, etc. You can also order customized shutters according to your needs. Browsing the Internet would help you know various styles, designs and options available for your exterior wood shutters.

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