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Monthly Archive: March 2015

Different Types of Crown Molding


As a homeowner, you always want to keep your home look better and appealing. To make your room interior more beautiful, you can simply consider the idea of using crown molding. If you have decided to go for crown molding, then you should know that there are many options available. Now let us look into some of the types of crown molding.

Solid wood crown molding is the first choice for most homeowners. These are cheap as they are available in different types of hardwood such as ash, hickory, mahogany, etc. These molding give an elegant look to your home with its crisp edges and rich wood look. However, the installation of the solid wood crown molding can be difficult, and hence you need a skilled carpenter.

MDF is a material that is made using resin and sawdust. This is a cheap and easiest choice for those who want to have crown molding. However, the disadvantage is that they are not tough and durable like solid wood molding. This can easily get damaged or swell when it is exposed to wet and moisture conditions. For this reason, MDF molding cannot be used in bathroom.

Plaster is a type of material that can be easily molded to any form. For this reason, plaster is ideal for those who want to have a highly customized molding. Again, this same reason makes this type of molding difficult to install. Plus, this material is not prone swelling or shrinking. Additionally, this material is safe as they are environmental friendly, safe, non-flammable and non-toxic.

Polystyrene is way cheapest option for crown molding. This material is made of plastic and it is ideal for DIY projects. The cheap looks of this material can be concealed by applying painting them with any attractive color.

Polyurethane crown molding are cheaper in terms of both material and installation. This material does not crack, swell, shrink and are highly durable.

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