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Monthly Archive: April 2015

Finding the Right Base and Case Molding For Your Home Interior


You would already know the importance of base and case molding, if you have owned or purchased a new home before. They are nothing but a decorative wood strips that provide a neat and finished look to any room. These strips separate the floor and walls, doors and window frames. Some people believe that these white and sleek wood pieces may not go with their existing interior décor. But the fact is that these molding come in a range styles and can be painted with any color to blend with your décor.

Most of the moldings come in white and plain design that suits well for the modern homes. However, such trims are not ideal for contemporary homes. For a contemporary interior, boxy style molding with less details would be the ideal option as it will not mess with the interior and not create a distracting look. For a colonial type home, the moldings with clean fine lines and attractive details will do well. This types of molding are found more in the northeastern region of the United States.

For a rustic home, the moldings look far different from a contemporary home and colonial home. Base and case molding for a rustic home usually have non-painted, natural wood finish that can also exhibit the wood knots. These molding look so natural and goes well with hardwood flooring. These molding would simply bring in a country to your home interior décor. Victorian is a style of home décor that is used in various home decors. Victorian is a next step to colonial and they are bit modern. Molding trim for Victorian home contains intricate details that radiate a classic look.

No matter what style of interior your home, you would be able to find a suitable base and case molding. You can take time to browse the Internet to find the different designs and colors of molding. This would give good idea.

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