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Monthly Archive: August 2015

Know About The Decorative Architectural Molding

When you pass into a business space or home that is creatively decorated with beautiful architectural molding, it is sure you will get a feel that you have visited a space of timeless grace and elegance. In the history of America, the architectural molding remains as a distinguishing highlight in superior homes.

In recent years, the architectural molding has become less common due to wide changes in present home styles. There are still some people who wanted the stately grace and beauty of old-style homes that were present in the past America.

Some people will try to add right mixture of architectural moldings to add exclusive style and beauty in their home. It will help to transform a plain room into a room where anyone entering sound ‘WOW’.

The architectural molding helps to bring a wow factor in your home. It is best to finish with superior quality or high-class molding for better and long lasting effects. It will remain as one time solid investment. You do not have to keep altering or renovating the home repeatedly when you use architectural molding.

If you are looking to do a best investment for your home, then it is best to turn towards superior quality trim molding. It will help you to enjoy from day one to till the time you spend or live in your home. It can be experienced and enjoyed by your entire generation. It is long lasting, reliable and durable. It is easily available within your budget. It is available in different models and color ranges. Ensure to choose a product that your whole family loves and remains enjoyable for long time.

Some of the common kinds of architectural moldings found in present homes are;
Crown molding: It is also referred as cornice. It produces an effect that makes the ceiling to look higher. The homeowners install when they find their wall meeting the ceiling. It is not seen much in the modern homes.

Base and panel caps molding: The base cap and panel cap molding is used in various ways. It is mostly used in built up and compound applications. The panel cap molding creates a embossed panel appearance wall paneling or wainscot. The panel cap and base cap molding is used interchangeably.

Dentil molding: It is installed behind the crown molding. It is seen in traditional and formal houses. The dentil molding helps to add interest and additional detail and hide shadows as it is behind the crown molding.

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