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Monthly Archive: September 2015

Real Wood Moldings Helps To Add Beauty To Home

If you wanted the patient add unique beauty to your room, window or door in simple way, it is highly possible with wood or decorative moldings. The moldings come as pieces with decorative or ornamental cross section profile and can also be referred as trim. The profiles consist of surfaces, which are convex and concave with angles and planes mixed in.

Such surfaces produce different appearances by the way the light reflects off from them. It can be painted or stained to contrast or compliment adjacent surfaces. The moldings are created from MDF (medium density fiber board), rigid foam, plastic, plaster, composite lumber, masonry materials and wood.

The least expensive and mostly available moldings are designed from wood and its wooden fibers. The wood for moldings is taken from the softwood or coniferous trees like fir, spruce and pine, or from deciduous trees like cherry, maple and poplar. Some of the expensive moldings are produced from hardwoods. It is mostly set aside for cabinets and furniture. Such moldings are stained and not mostly painted. The moldings that are produced from the MDF (medium density fiberboard) are less expensive. The medium density fiberboard is produced from wood fibers along with resins. It will be placed under pressure to create stuff that can be easily designed with common tools.

The medium density fiber board should not be used in a place where there is moisture problems. For example, it should not be used in areas like near basement floor or in the bathroom.

The finger-joint moldings are slightly expensive. It is used as an alternative to medium density fiber board. Do you know how finger jointed moldings are produced? Well, it is made from small pieces of wood. It will be machined towards the end using a pattern that looks like interlaced fingers. The end will be glued and it will be taken in a molding machine to produce the finished profile.

When they are stained, the finger joints can be seen easily. The best finishing choice for finger jointed moldings is the painting. It remains useful for various purposes. It is mostly used to create an attractive and continuous transition where different angles and surface materials meet.

The moldings are said to be highly decorative. When you are using them, it helps to add unique look to your mantles, windows, doors and rooms. It is used for hiding or covering problem areas. It is also used for protecting softer surfaces.

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