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Real Wood Moldings Helps To Add Beauty To Home

If you wanted the patient add unique beauty to your room, window or door in simple way, it is highly possible with wood or decorative moldings. The moldings come as pieces with decorative or ornamental cross section profile and can also be referred as trim. The profiles consist of surfaces, which are convex and concave with angles and planes mixed in.

Such surfaces produce different appearances by the way the light reflects off from them. It can be painted or stained to contrast or compliment adjacent surfaces. The moldings are created from MDF (medium density fiber board), rigid foam, plastic, plaster, composite lumber, masonry materials and wood.

The least expensive and mostly available moldings are designed from wood and its wooden fibers. The wood for moldings is taken from the softwood or coniferous trees like fir, spruce and pine, or from deciduous trees like cherry, maple and poplar. Some of the expensive moldings are produced from hardwoods. It is mostly set aside for cabinets and furniture. Such moldings are stained and not mostly painted. The moldings that are produced from the MDF (medium density fiberboard) are less expensive. The medium density fiberboard is produced from wood fibers along with resins. It will be placed under pressure to create stuff that can be easily designed with common tools.

The medium density fiber board should not be used in a place where there is moisture problems. For example, it should not be used in areas like near basement floor or in the bathroom.

The finger-joint moldings are slightly expensive. It is used as an alternative to medium density fiber board. Do you know how finger jointed moldings are produced? Well, it is made from small pieces of wood. It will be machined towards the end using a pattern that looks like interlaced fingers. The end will be glued and it will be taken in a molding machine to produce the finished profile.

When they are stained, the finger joints can be seen easily. The best finishing choice for finger jointed moldings is the painting. It remains useful for various purposes. It is mostly used to create an attractive and continuous transition where different angles and surface materials meet.

The moldings are said to be highly decorative. When you are using them, it helps to add unique look to your mantles, windows, doors and rooms. It is used for hiding or covering problem areas. It is also used for protecting softer surfaces.

Know About The Decorative Architectural Molding

When you pass into a business space or home that is creatively decorated with beautiful architectural molding, it is sure you will get a feel that you have visited a space of timeless grace and elegance. In the history of America, the architectural molding remains as a distinguishing highlight in superior homes.

In recent years, the architectural molding has become less common due to wide changes in present home styles. There are still some people who wanted the stately grace and beauty of old-style homes that were present in the past America.

Some people will try to add right mixture of architectural moldings to add exclusive style and beauty in their home. It will help to transform a plain room into a room where anyone entering sound ‘WOW’.

The architectural molding helps to bring a wow factor in your home. It is best to finish with superior quality or high-class molding for better and long lasting effects. It will remain as one time solid investment. You do not have to keep altering or renovating the home repeatedly when you use architectural molding.

If you are looking to do a best investment for your home, then it is best to turn towards superior quality trim molding. It will help you to enjoy from day one to till the time you spend or live in your home. It can be experienced and enjoyed by your entire generation. It is long lasting, reliable and durable. It is easily available within your budget. It is available in different models and color ranges. Ensure to choose a product that your whole family loves and remains enjoyable for long time.

Some of the common kinds of architectural moldings found in present homes are;
Crown molding: It is also referred as cornice. It produces an effect that makes the ceiling to look higher. The homeowners install when they find their wall meeting the ceiling. It is not seen much in the modern homes.

Base and panel caps molding: The base cap and panel cap molding is used in various ways. It is mostly used in built up and compound applications. The panel cap molding creates a embossed panel appearance wall paneling or wainscot. The panel cap and base cap molding is used interchangeably.

Dentil molding: It is installed behind the crown molding. It is seen in traditional and formal houses. The dentil molding helps to add interest and additional detail and hide shadows as it is behind the crown molding.

Finding the Right Base and Case Molding For Your Home Interior


You would already know the importance of base and case molding, if you have owned or purchased a new home before. They are nothing but a decorative wood strips that provide a neat and finished look to any room. These strips separate the floor and walls, doors and window frames. Some people believe that these white and sleek wood pieces may not go with their existing interior décor. But the fact is that these molding come in a range styles and can be painted with any color to blend with your décor.

Most of the moldings come in white and plain design that suits well for the modern homes. However, such trims are not ideal for contemporary homes. For a contemporary interior, boxy style molding with less details would be the ideal option as it will not mess with the interior and not create a distracting look. For a colonial type home, the moldings with clean fine lines and attractive details will do well. This types of molding are found more in the northeastern region of the United States.

For a rustic home, the moldings look far different from a contemporary home and colonial home. Base and case molding for a rustic home usually have non-painted, natural wood finish that can also exhibit the wood knots. These molding look so natural and goes well with hardwood flooring. These molding would simply bring in a country to your home interior décor. Victorian is a style of home décor that is used in various home decors. Victorian is a next step to colonial and they are bit modern. Molding trim for Victorian home contains intricate details that radiate a classic look.

No matter what style of interior your home, you would be able to find a suitable base and case molding. You can take time to browse the Internet to find the different designs and colors of molding. This would give good idea.

Different Types of Crown Molding


As a homeowner, you always want to keep your home look better and appealing. To make your room interior more beautiful, you can simply consider the idea of using crown molding. If you have decided to go for crown molding, then you should know that there are many options available. Now let us look into some of the types of crown molding.

Solid wood crown molding is the first choice for most homeowners. These are cheap as they are available in different types of hardwood such as ash, hickory, mahogany, etc. These molding give an elegant look to your home with its crisp edges and rich wood look. However, the installation of the solid wood crown molding can be difficult, and hence you need a skilled carpenter.

MDF is a material that is made using resin and sawdust. This is a cheap and easiest choice for those who want to have crown molding. However, the disadvantage is that they are not tough and durable like solid wood molding. This can easily get damaged or swell when it is exposed to wet and moisture conditions. For this reason, MDF molding cannot be used in bathroom.

Plaster is a type of material that can be easily molded to any form. For this reason, plaster is ideal for those who want to have a highly customized molding. Again, this same reason makes this type of molding difficult to install. Plus, this material is not prone swelling or shrinking. Additionally, this material is safe as they are environmental friendly, safe, non-flammable and non-toxic.

Polystyrene is way cheapest option for crown molding. This material is made of plastic and it is ideal for DIY projects. The cheap looks of this material can be concealed by applying painting them with any attractive color.

Polyurethane crown molding are cheaper in terms of both material and installation. This material does not crack, swell, shrink and are highly durable.

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