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Mention the Hardwood Growing Regions in North America

Northern region: It ranges from the Wisconsin to Maine states. The mentioned area experiences short summers and long winters. The trees in the region have slow growth patterns and tight grains. It is simple to find species like maple and birch as they easily grow in this region.

Central region: It covers majority of states between the Virginia and Missouri. The areas experience cold winters and hot summers. In this hardwood region, the hickory and walnut are easily identified and harvested.

Southern region: In this region, the climate is different. You can experience long hot summers and short winter seasons. In the southern part the trees has wider grain patterns and lighter color shades and grows faster. One species that is found abundant in this region is poplar.

Appalachian region: One specific region that ranges across various states in the southern, central and northern regions is the Appalachian hardwood area. It is followed by a mountain region. It has an excellent people and it is reason many people think for excellent growing status. It has good soil, rainfall and climate. The majority of purchasers in the industry mostly ask for Appalachian hardwoods. It is renowned and popular all over the world.

Pacific region: It is not widely known region. It includes parts of the higher Northwest United States. The Pacific region has majority of maritime climate. It produces excellent and different species when compared to East counterparts like PC Maple and Red Alder.

It is clear that the hardwood lumber does not grow only in few regions. It is seen in many regions. Moreover, the high quality variety is produced from various regions. We can conclude that one region is better than the other is. Mostly, it depends upon the application, feel and look of the lumber you wanted to achieve. If you are searching for specific kind of lumber species, you need to contact the hardwood lumber dealer for details.

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